The Jayhawks

All The Right Reasons 



All The Right Reasons (The Jayhawks)

Posted by Fatelvis and transcribed by Unknown 

Capo 2

Verse progression ( E, Cm, Fm, E, D, B7) x 2

Chorus (A, E,Fm, A,E) x 2

As I lay upon my bed I began dreaming

How its gonna be, the day that I am free

Once I settled like the dust upon the table

But then you came along, you helped me write this song

I donít know what day it is, I canít recall the season

I donít remember how we got this far

All I know is Iím loving you for all the right reasons

My sky you always will be my morning star

Like a tired bird flying high across the ocean
I was outside looking in, you made me live again
From the mountains to the prairies little babies
Figures filled their heads, visions bathed in red


From the train in Manchester England
Lightening fills the sky as I watch you wave goodbye
From the mountains to the prairies little babies
Visions filled their heads, figures bathed in red