The Court and Spark

Titov Sang the Blues 



Titov Sang the Blues (The Court and Spark)

From: "Double Roses" EP (2003 - Prophecy Connection)
Posted and transcribed by Kyle Kersten

(Capo 3)

G D C C/b Am G C G (2x)

[G]Titov sang the [D]blues [C] [C/b]
[Am]could not be the first [G]cosmonaut in [C]space [G]

[G]If poetry rings [D]true [C] [C/b]
[Am]it was no match for the [G]Garagin's [C]fate[G]

[G]Smile Titov [D]smile [C] [C/b]
you must [Am]be there on that [G]red square [C]day[G]

[G]Dreaming of [D]white [C] [C/b]
the [Am]end of being the first [G]cosmonaut in [C]space

[Am]Halleujah the [G]gospel of the [D]stars
[Am]in the [C]name of the [G]love
in the [D]name of the love

[Am]Halleu[C]jah[G] [Dm]titov sang the blues