Okkervil River

For Real 

It Ends With A Fall




For Real (Okkervil River)

From: "Black Sheep Boy" (2005 - Jagjaguwar)
Posted and transcribed by Bill

(Bm)Some nights I thirst for (D)real blood,

for (A)real knives, for (G)real cries.

(Bm)And then the flash of steel from (D)real guns

in (A)real life really fills (G)my mind.

(A)Then I really miss what (G)really did exist

(D)when I held your throat so (A)tight.

(A)And I miss the bus as it (G)swerved from us

(D)and almost came crashing to its (A) side.

Sometimes the blood from real cuts feels real nice
when it's really mine. And if you want it to be real,
come over for a night, we can really, really climb,
and those blue bridge lights might really burn most bright
while we watch that dark lake rise.
And if you really want to see what really matters most to me,
we can just take a real short drive.

Just a drive into the dark stretch, long stretch of night,
will really stretch this shaking mind.
And this room, unlit, unheated, and the ceiling striped,
and the dark black blinds....
I want to know this time if youíre really finally mine.
I need to know that you're not lying, and so I want to see you tried.
And I don't want to hear you say it shouldnít really be this way,
because I like this way just fine.
And thereís nothing quite like the blinding light
when that curtainís cast aside,
and no attempt is made to explain away the things that really, really, really are behind.



It Ends With A Fall (Okkervil River)

From: "Down the River of Golden Dreams" (2003 - Jagjaguwar)
Posted and transcribed by Bill

(C)Wish I could remember why it (G)mattered to me.

It doesnít (Dm)matter to me. It doesnít (Am)matter to me (C)anymore.

Now that (Am)youíre feeling (G)fine, Iíll (F)admit that Ė

though I (C)know itís coming down, and see it (G)shattering me Ė

it doesnít (Dm)matter to me, and Iím not (Am)sadder for seeing it (C)come.

Iím not going to (Am)run. I will just (G)come when I am (F)called.

You want to (Dm)cut me off (G)because I took (Dm)too much, (G)

but donít leave (Dm)me alone. Take off your (Am)scarves, your (G)winter coat.

The nightís too (F)cold.

When we met I should have said youíre like a sister to me,
how all that kiss her just seem like puny suitors I can see through,
how none will do, not for you, how it might as well just be us two.
And when I pulled you by the jacket from the clattering street,
you started flattering me, you started saying I was so strong.
String me along, but I canít become all that Iím called.
And I canít claim to know what makes love die or grow,
but I can still take control and so refuse to just go home,
back down the hall.
And as I crawl, as finally all the false confetti blooms up in this attic room,
Iím going make my stand. I want to see both of your hands put down the phone.
I wonít let you go, although the moment stole my self-control from us all and now it can only end with a fall.



Westfall (Okkervil River)

From: "Don't Fall in Love With Everyone You See" (2002 - Jagjaguwar)
Posted and transcribed by Bill

(Em)Iím sur(C)rounded, (G)each doorway (D)covered (Em)by (C)at least (G)twenty (D)men. (Repeat progression throughout)

And theyíre going to take me and throw me in prison.

I ainít coming back again.

When I was younger, handsomer and stronger, I felt like I could do anything.

But all of these people making all these faces didnít seem like my kith and kin.

Colin Kincaid from the twelfth grade, I guess you could say he was my best friend.
He lived in a big tall house out on Westfall where we would hide when the rain rolled in.
We went out one night and took a flashlight, out with these two girls Colin knew from Kenwood Christian.
One was named Laurie, thatís what the story said next week in the Guardian.
And when I killed her it was so easy that I wanted to kill her again.
I got down on both of my knees andÖ.she ainít coming back again.

Now, with all these cameras focused on my face, youíd think they could see it through my skin.
Theyíre looking for evil, thinking they can trace it, but evil donít look like anything.