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Distortion That's Golden 


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Distortion That's Golden (Elephant Micah)

From: "And the Agrarian Malaise" (2005)
Posted and transcribed by Kyle Kersten (TravelbySea)

use the progression (tab) below throughout the song. joe changes it up
a little each time.


Intro (Lick 4x)

[G]as a lead guitar [G/C]lead you a [A11]stray
[G] [G/C]down the path of [A11]glory
[G]seduced you [G/C]
with [A11]distortion thats golden
[G] [G/C]
and the [A11]sad psychedelia
[C]of fortune and [G]fame [C] [G]
[C]of fortune and [G]fame

as a lead guitar lead you away
from the places of olden days
and introduced you to a sea of faces

washed out by the endless praises
of fortune and fame
of fortune and fame

lick (progression)

|------0---0---------0-0--------------0 0h2-0--|



Malaysia (Elephant Micah)

From: "And the Agrarian Malaise" (2005)
Posted and transcribed by Kyle Kersten (TravelbySea)

alright here's another....i think joe is using either drop d or an open tuning so some of the parts are hard to decipher....

[D] [G] 4x

[G]some people [C]they have to [D]move [G]around
just to [C]prove that they're [D]too hot for this [Em]town
[G]they talk a [C]lot about [D]going [G]on
talk a [C]??? see the [D]skylines [Em]

[D]but you and i [G][D]we're alright[G]
[C]just to look [G][C]up at night [G]
[D]and see the stars[G][D]shinging bright [G]
[C]so we stay [G][C]up all night

[G] [C] [D] 2x

some people they have to lose a lot of cash
just to feel like they're good times are gonna last
they go to the big shows and fancy casinos
and get seen in their fine clothes

but you and me we agree
that we don't need 3 tv's
we got one love
thats strong enough
we don't need 3 tv's



Speaker Piles (Elephant Micah)

From: "And the Agrarian Malaise" (2005)
Posted by TravelbySea (chords received from Joe O'Connell)

Tuning: Open G (DGDGBD from low to high)

Since I have no idea what these chords are called I numbered them:

1- 000000
2- 020010
3- 040030
4- 050050
5- 002010
6- 044030
7- 022010
8- 320010
9- 200010

There are a bunch of hammer on's but those are pretty easy to figure out. Really fun
song to play. Hope you like it.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 2x (he hammers on the low E 2nd fret before each progression)

[6]unsightly piles of speakers
they won't [7]talk you out of [1]sleep
not a [8]sleeping bee (???) [9]
what you [1]need
[8]sleep [9] [1]

your heart of a hunger
the tables built in fire
it will cook the things to eat

[repeat intro]

unsightly piles of speakers
they won't talk you out of sleep
not a sleeping bee
what you need



The Story Of My Expatriate Friends (Elephant Micah)

From: "And the Agrarian Malaise" (2005)
Posted and transcribed by Tabbedout

Intro: (D) - (G)

(D)Andrew (G) went (D) to Austr(G)ia
(D)To save the (G) European (D) Union
from a (A) giant rave dance (G) party
That been closing (D) in (G) - (D) - (G)
He (A) led the children in (G) song
And they sang "let's (D) begin"

(G) - (D) - (G) - (D)

(D)Snap your (G) fingers (D) after (G) me
And (D) bened(G)ict will (D) keep the (G) peace
We'll(A) teach the world the (G) ways of rock 'n (D) roll (G) - (D) - (G)
And we'll (A) free ourselfs from the (G) need for self (D) control

(G) - (D) - (G) - (D)

(D)Andria(G) went (D) to Austra(G)lia
(D)To keep (G) herself from (D) looking (G) at
The (A) path she felt would (G) lead into a (D) trap
Our (A) turn into a (G) career behind her (D) back

(G) - (D) - (G) - (D)

(D)So with her (G) sister (D)she did (G)go
(D)Around the (G) country(D) to and (G) fro
But (A) they found there was so much
The (G) people there just didn't (D) know (G) - (D) - (G)

There were (A) men wearing race car (G) helmets
and outrightsous (D) clothes (G) - (D) - (G)
Who's (A) faces was straight
But who's (G) dancing was missing a (D) soul (G) - (D) - (G)

Who (A) missunderstod the (G) true meaning of rock 'n (D) roll

(G) - (D) - (G)

Oh (D) no (G) - (D) - (G)
oh (D) no (G) - (D) - (G)
Oh (D) no (G) - (D) - (G)
oh (D) no