The Drams

Crudely Drawn


Holy Moses


Make a Book

September's High


The Truth Lies Low


You Won't Forget




Crudely Drawn (The Drams)

From: "Jubilee Dive" (2006 - New West)
Posted and transcribed by Bill

G)Youíve got the patrons all lining up to please ya

(Am)Iíve got too much (C)time to kill

(G)I was sitting here thinking by default slowly sinking

In my (Am) sinkhole of choice burning (C) bright

(G)Even my friends drop a line in the drink, I guess

(Am)Courtesy comes and(C) goes with a wink

(G)And now everybodyís fishing, everybodyís wishing

For a (Am)chair at the end of your (C)night

(Am)Nobody (D)needs to tell me

(Am)Nobodyís gonna (D)save my place when Iím (C)gone

Donít forget that I still (G)love ya (D)

Crudely (C)drawn, like a sketch , but I still (G)care (D)

Itís a (C)con for me to feel you werenít (G)above me

At least it (D)looked that way from way down (C) there

Iíd be lying if I said I wasnít trying
Whispers hung like the smoke at the bar, still
Lord knows what drew you, but of course
I burned right through you
Now the whispers have all turned to shouts, youíve got a
Face like a magnet and tonight the eyes have it
Baby-haired with a smile born of God
Iím a plastic flower petal in a room full of metal figurines
All trying to figure you out


(D)And if you feel I (C)seem to ignore you
(D)What can I do in a (C)room that implores you?
(D)Nobodyís gonna (C)save my place tonight (D)

Iíve shot all good leanings searching for some meaning
Between the tables and stools and the glass
And Iíve found it I pray that I can draw it, tell me
This too shall pass



Fireflies (The Drams)

From: "Jubilee Dive" (2006 - New West)
Posted and transcribed by Bill

(C)Party girl from (F)Pensacola

(C)Frequent flier and your (F)bag weighs a ton

(C)Point your smile with a (F)red crayola

(Dm)Makes me wonder what are (A)you flying from

(C)What wounds are (F)you protecting

(C)From the other who would (F)mock and deride

(C)They donít see what (F)Iím detecting

(Dm)Brighter lights burning (A)deep inside

(Bb)If you ponder your (F)scene then itís over

(Bb)See the beauty being (F)where you are

(Bb)Appreciate the fire(F)flies maybe just in (C)case

You never see the (F)stars Bb F

And I know your heart keeps breaking
I can see it while you walk down the street
Your fix ainít the drugs youíre taking
Itís in the words that you said to me:
ďI hear those chords youíre strumming
Feel your words about the ones you love
Just keep that motor humming
With some help from the Lord above


(Dm)Wide eyes and (A)half-played tunes
(Dm)Non-smoking ho(A)tel rooms
(Dm)Your gift is a sweet(A)ness wrapped
In tin foil and typhoons


Thereís good times to be had if you let Ďem
See the beauty being where you are
Appreciate the fireflies maybe just in case
You never see the stars, just in case
You never see the stars.



Holy Moses (The Drams)

From: "Jubilee Dive" (2006 - New West)
Posted and transcribed by Bill

(G)Comfort comes and itís (Bm)so complete when youíre

(C)Down to nothing (C/B)everything (Am)seems so sweet, but itís no

(G)Shangri-La and Iím (Bm)no aesthete, cause when

(C)Comfort comes itís (Am)no mean feat, oh yeah G C G

(G)Time will fly when youíre (Bm)fast asleep

(C)Wait for lightning strikes (C/B)then (Am)count to three

And then eventually some-

(G)One will show who feels (Bm)just like me, utterly

(C)Unattainable,(C/B) just (Am)wait and see, oh yeah

(F) Holy(C)Moses wonít you (G) hear my plea, could you

(F)Send some (C)angels down to (G)earth for me, I need

(F)One be(C)side me when the (G)night grows cold, I need

(F)One a(C)bove me now and (D)one below, oh yeah G C G

(Bm)All I need is a (C)heart less shamed
(Am)Stairs to take me there and not (D) feel the same
(Bm)All I need is some(C)one who knows when Iíve come back around
(D)(G)Cause I donít (F#m)make no (A)sound (GCG GCG)

So whoís to blame for my sheer amazement
Hunkered down in my glass-roofed basement
To know she glides cross the floor upstairs
To wish that she was down here and me up there, oh yeah


All I need is a path unworn
Magnetic north and a map untorn
All I need is someone who knows when Iíve come back around
ĎCause I donít make no sound
No trace will be found, cause I donít make no sound



Hummalong (The Drams)

From: "Jubilee Dive" (2006 - New West)
Posted and transcribed by Bill

D Em G

(D)No, donít let anyone tell you that youíve (Em)gone too (G)far to just go back
(D)Donít let anyone tell you that youíve (Em)used up (G)all remaining slack
(D)Donít believe them when they say thereís (Em)just one (G)shot before youíre done
(D)Theyíll say anything to keep from feeling (Em)lost them(G)selves once you have won

(A)Donít pave your path after (Bm)anyone
(G)Whereíve they been be(A)fore?
Youíll play your song and theyíll (Bm)hum along
(G)Straight-faces, straightfaced (Em)sore
(G)Face down on their (D) floors

Thereís a rancorous art to the exchange of faith for safetyís drone
And cantankerous hearts presume to know the content of your own
Thereíll be plenty of traps no matter where or when you choose to roam
Thereís a treason in reasoning with those who deem to build their own

Donít pave your path after anyone
Whereíve they been before?
Youíll play your song and theyíll hum along
Straight-faces, straightfaced sore
Face down on their floors
Donít pave your path after anyone
Whereíve they been before?
Youíll play your song and theyíll hum along



Make a Book (The Drams)

From: "Jubilee Dive" (2006 - New West)
Posted and transcribed by Bill

C G x 5

(G)Shaky Jay puts his headphones on C G

(G)Collects his box from off the lawn C G

(G)Policemen say he must move along C G

(G)Shakes their hands, hums a song

Then (C)he sings, ď When Iím (D)gone, Iím still at (G)homeĒ C G

(G) Blueface Billy says ďListen Jay, C G

(G)Shouldnít let them treat you like some crook!Ē C G

(G)Jay says, ďBilly, hey itís okay. C G

Everyday, I read a little bit more from my (C)book

Whatís it (D)say? It says itís (G)okayĒ

When you (Am)need it most youíll (C)find it least

(Em)Make a little book for when (D)good times cease

When you (Am)need it, you can (C)read it then youíll (Em)find

When youíre (D)gone youíre still at (G)home

ďWhen I was a boy my mama would say
ĎYouíll be a great author one day
Count your blessings and write them down,
Keep them close, you wonít never lose your wayíĒ
And then sheíd say:

ďWhen you need it most youíll find it least
Make a little book for when good times cease
When the world seems wrong and you need a song
Donít waste your time waitiní for the words to come along
When you need it, you can read it then youíll find
When youíre gone youíre still at home.Ē

All the love, every friend, every gift, every hardship that youíve lacked
An open heart is an open book, when you need it read it back
Itís hard to believe what theyíre showing you
Itís hard to agree with what they say
You can hardly conceive what theyíll hold you to
Save it for your most cynical of days
Tear it out and throw it all away




September's High (The Drams)

From: "Jubilee Dive" (2006 - New West)
Posted and transcribed by Bill 

(Bm)Thereís a pale moon softly (G)shining

Through your (D)dining room wind(A)ow

(Bm)Lift you head from where youíre (G)lying

Softly (D)crying, whereíd you (A)go?

(Bm)So your heart is pained and (G)swollen

Maimed and (D)stolen, stained and (A)stuck

(Bm)As if you life before was (G)golden be em(D)boldened, no such (A)luck

(G)If you could just find a (A)way, you would (D)start anew (G)again

ĎCause youíre (D)tired, (A)tired, (G)tired of (A)giving in

Wishful thinking turns to dreaming
Silent scheming, silent stares
Dreadful days turn to evenings
Heís not leaving, Ďcause heís not there
And you would just grab a hold, if your path were only clear
But youíre scared, scared, scared of losing years

(A)Coming off Septemberís (G)high, you (F#m)know itís (Em)over

(A)Now you canít remember (G)why, but you (F#m)know itís (Em)over

(A)No such luck left to (G)defy, you (F#m)know itís (Em)over (A)

You keep saying youíve been trying
No denying, youíve been wronged
But thereís a million people crying
Stop your lying, just come home
If youíd know these things then, you might hold the world in hand
But you were tired, tired, tired
You were scared, scared, scared
But youíre strong, strong, so strong
Please understand



Shortsighted (The Drams)

From: "Jubilee Dive" (2006 - New West)
Posted and transcribed by Bill

(C)I am so (C/B) sorry,(Am) I cannot (Am7)be

The (F)thing that (G)was once expected of me

(C)Letís (C/B)buckle under,(Am) to the (Am7)pressure

(F)Letís fail (G)miserably

(F)Letís play the shit joints

(G)Letís just make up the (F) songs, as we go (G)along

(F)Letís do the right thing, (G)just because it (Dm)feels wrong

I am so stupid, I could not tell
A low-rent heaven is the equal of hell
Itís all or nothing, and nothingís good
Only when youíve come to have more than you should
Started out as an excuse
Then became something to believe
And believingís good
But nowadays an excuse is exactly what I need

(Em)Letís devise some dese(Am)cration to all we couldíve (F)been

You and me, my (C)friend

(Em)Embrace the lack of appreci(Am)ation, and weíll keep it in our (F)hearts

To savor deep (G)within

Letís play the shit joints
Letís just make up the songs, as we go along
Letís do the right thing, just because it feels wrong

I am shortsighted, I could not see
The plan of attack was flawed the best it could be
Letís buckle under, letís buckle down
Letís find some new place where we wonít never be found


The Truth Lies Low (The Drams)

From: "Jubilee Dive" (2006 - New West)
Posted and transcribed by Bill

(E)Trumpet blasts blare with ferocity of flame

Is it mourning Taps or Revelry? The email never came

(A)Surely a light will (B)glow

(E)Commonplace come-ons youíd think would never play

Somehow trump the thoughtful things we used to do and say

(A)Sadly these seeds do (B)grow

(A)Pick-up game pundits play (B)perilous pursuits

(Fax the new dream, wax the new sheen

(A)Color-code the obvious, (B)reduce the rest to green

(A)All pretending not to know,

That the (B)truth lies low, (E)The truth lies low, (B)the truth lies low,

(A) the truth lies low

Figureheads will lie still a populace will try
To take them at their words in the hopes of getting by
Surely the dumb shall speak
Some will go willingly, while others kick and scream
Some will sleep a drunken sleep in hopes of happy dreams
Even the strong grow weak
Photoshop phenoms with nothing real to hide
They soak the new light, the pictures of right
Protool the proletarian, remove the need for flight
Yet regardless how things go,
Still the truth lies low
The truth lies low, the truth lies low.

Carry on careful now, be watchful what you say
Willful, this world, rags to unfurl
In a carrion culture for the vultures to get paid
Only one thing must stay so
A world away from confident, a world away from sure
All things in time, buy the new line
A world away from providence, a world away from pure
If thereís one thing that I know, itís that the truth lies low
The truth lies low



Unhinged (The Drams)

From: "Jubilee Dive" (2006 - New West)
Posted and transcribed by Bill

(B)Monday, the resetís hard to (E)hit

Too late, youíre caught up in the (G#m)shit

Just wait, (F#)you havenít seen the(E) worst of it

(B)Wednesday, pretend to under(E)stand

The reason for doing what you (G#m)can

So what,(F#) no one gets the things they (E)plan

(E)Well thereís one to(B)night, and guess who

(E)Thereís one to(B)night, itís true

(E)Thereís one to(B)night

(G#m)Iíll show you pictures of some(F#)one I know who (E)disappeared

The weekís done, you five day monkey dance
Oh well, ití money in your pants
Youíd trade it for anything given half a chance
But thatís another story to be told
Why worry, it just makes you more old
Relax, think you might go and see a show

Well thereís one tonight, if you care
Thereís one tonight, Iíll be there
Thereís one tonight, and
Iíll do anything to help you understand
Thereís one tonight, guess who
Thereís one tonight, itís true
Thereís one tonight and
Iíll do anything to help you feel unhinged again

(A)Every (E)day you close the (B)door again
(A)A perfect (E)purge but honey, (B)whereís the binge?
(A)What would you (E)give to taste the (B)floor again?
(A)What would you (E)give to come (F#)unhinged?

Back home, the messages all came
Each one somehow all the same
Rewind, check again, then erase the names
A boyfriend who gives you just enough
So what, itís never been that tough
A clean shirt, pressed but nothing off the cuff




You Won't Forget (The Drams)

From: "Jubilee Dive" (2006 - New West)
Posted and transcribed by Bill

(C)Look (F)around what kind of (C)friends are these? (Can you (F)see?)

(C)So es(F)sential like the (C)sun and sea (And the (F)trees)

(C)Drive (F)around until youíre (C)on your knees ( If you (F)please)

(C)Until you (F)find exactly (C)what you need (What you (F)need)

(Dm)This could be the (F)way to go now (C)if youíre (C/B)going (Am)down

(Dm)With (F)friends in every (C)town

When I was young I dreamed of wealth and fame ( What a shame)
Now that Iím old my dreams are not the same ( Is that lame?)
ĎCause itís the practice that becomes the pay (Would you say?)
That makes you happy, makes you wanna say (Itís the way)

(Dm)This could be the (F)way to go (C)if youíre (C/B)going (Am)down
(Dm)Good music (F)every night, (C)friends (C/B)in every (Am)town
(Dm)No matter (F)where it leads you, (C)no matter(C/B) what you (Am)get
(Dm)Iím willing, (F)Iím willing to bet now
(C)I bet you wonít forget

Look around, what kind of life is this (That youíve had)
Itís the life that others somehow miss (Kinda sad)
Drive around, remember people youíve met (On your way)
And when youíre old I bet you donít forget ( Would you say?)
You wonít forget
You donít forget
I bet you donít forget
You wonít forget